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  • Industry: Ready-to-wear / Fashion
  • Selected services: Website and Graphics
  • Services: E-commerce website, site management, visual identity and print
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What is Archaia Creations?

ARCHAIA CREATIONS is a clothing brand that takes you on a journey between history, mythology and ancient civilizations.

And it's a brand that was created in October 2021 by Romain, one of the co-founders of Argonauts Agency.

The project

Create a visual identity from A to Z, and create an e-commerce site that would allow these different creations to be sold.

The E-commerce Website

You can find more than 65 products, 4 collections as well as around ten pages and applications on this site.

Archaia Creations was thus able to sell these creations through this online store and optimize these sales and its income.

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Website Management

Complete management of the website, from updating the site (text, images, products, etc.), technical management (monitoring and maintenance), to technical interventions (change of menu, layout, creation of new collections , pages, integrations of new applications), order and inventory management.

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Creation of a visual identity (logo, typography, graphic charter, illustrations, etc.), graphic design for clothing, and print (business cards and flyers).

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    Having co-founded Argonauts Agency, and currently handling all the website services we offer, I myself created the Archaia Creations e-commerce site, but at that time I was not not yet associated with Kélian (the 2nd co-founder of Argonauts Agency), and whom I had called on numerous times for all my graphics/graphic design needs (branding, logos, illustrations, designs etc… ), and he has always been incredibly gifted, creative and talented, but above all efficient, professional and responsive.

    I am of course biased, but he is the best graphic designer I know, and that is why I decided to partner with him on this adventure that is Argonauts Agency, and why I of course recommend these graphic design services to everyone!

    Romain, founder of Archaia Creations.

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