KT Assur&Bank

Who is KT Assur&Bank?

Created in 2016, KT Assur&Bank is an insurance broker agency, based in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

The agency has generalist expertise with solutions for professionals and individuals, thanks to partners such as IARD, MFA, AXA, Groupama, Apivia MACIF, SMACL, and Générali.

The project

This project started from the desire of the founder Queenty to renew and modernize the image of his agency on the internet.

Indeed, KT Assur&Bank had a website since 2016, however, it no longer necessarily corresponded to these expectations and was somewhat outdated compared to these colleagues, which could cause it to directly miss potential customers.

In order to remedy this, he therefore decided to call on Argonauts Agency to redesign its website, then to create 2 new sites for 2 new subsidiaries.

The Showcase Website No. 1: KT Assur&Bank

The first site was thus the redesign of their first site, and the pillar of the project.

We have completely revised the entire architecture as well as the layout, with the aim of being as simple and understanding as possible for the agency's potential prospects, and to attract new potential clients through different quote forms. on the site.

The Showcase Website No. 2: KT VTC&Taxi

Through its experience and these key insurance partners, KT Assur&Bank has today developed 2 subsidiaries. The first being KT VTC&TAXI. It allows passenger transport professionals to have the best insurance products and guarantees, at the best price.

The aim of the site was therefore to have a dedicated site to communicate as best as possible with a particular niche of customers which are VTCs and TAXIs, and to increase the number of quote requests and therefore customers.

The Showcase Website No. 3: KT Courtage

The second subsidiary is called KT Courtage and allows these brother and sister brokers to offer the best insurance products for VTC and TAXI, at the best prices, and thus to grow their customer portfolios and their turnover. The goal here is similar to the KT VTC&TAXI site.

On these 3 sites, you will be able to find 29 pages, 6 personalized contact forms, several testimonials and content optimized for natural referencing (SEO), entirely produced by us.

Website Management

Wishing to concentrate entirely on their business as a broker, KT Assur&Bank also used our services to manage all of these 3 sites including updates, technical management, and the necessary technical interventions.

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    “Very professional, Argonauts Agency immerses itself in our activity and puts itself in the shoes of our clients in order to develop our website, I recommend!”

    - Queenty V., founder and president of KT Assur&Bank.

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