Twins Provost

Who are the Provost Twins?

They are two French twin sisters of Cambodian origin, professional dancers and models.

The project

In order to show and highlight their work for the different brands and professionals with whom they work, they needed an online portfolio / book, which would allow them to show both their work as a model, and as a dancers.

A website that they could simply send and share, whether to photographers, fashion agencies, brands.

The Showcase Website #1: Twins Provost

In order to meet these different needs, we have created 3 showcase websites.

A first for the two twin sisters.

The Showcase Website n°2: Mey Provost

A second showcase website for Mey Provost.

The Showcase Website No. 3: Apsor Provost

Then, a third showcase website for Apsor Provost.

On these 3 sites, you can find a home page, a portfolio of their work (more than 300 photos) with 5 subcategories (book, work, dance, beauty, detail), a page of their videos (more around twenty), a page about them with 2 subcategories for the Mey and Apsor sites (biography and CV), and a contact page accompanied by a contact form.

A search bar allows you to quickly search for the information you want.

Then, the 3 websites are also available in French and English using a language selector that has been installed there.

Website Management

However, managing these 3 sites for the Twins Provost is absolutely not something they want to do. They largely prefer to concentrate on their various artistic activities.

They also called on us to entrust us with the entire management of their 3 sites, including updates, technical management, and the necessary technical interventions.

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3 Logos

For these 3 websites, the twins needed 3 logos that could represent them and their arts.

We therefore carried out an in-depth research with them on the type of logo and typography they wanted.

And we ended up with a logo with a handwritten, artistic, and moving style, echoing their dances.

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  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Incredible! More than satisfied with my site and my logo! Very professional and attentive people, I recommend!"

    - Mey Provost, dancer and model.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "My site was created quickly and was exactly what I wanted visually. It is easy to use and clean. Thank you again Argonauts Agency for your professionalism."

    - Apsor Provost, dancer and model.

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